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About ECOBAT Technologies

Combining centuries of expertise with continuous innovation

ECOBAT Technologies Ltd. is the world´s largest producer of lead and lead alloys, incorporating production facilities throughout Europe, United States and South Africa where we produce around 840,000 tonnes annually. At each of our operations we utilise the latest cutting-edge technologies to assure highly efficient and environmentally responsible production of the highest quality lead and lead alloys.

History and formation

Although the ECOBAT name is quite new, the group is founded on centuries of experience in the lead industry with some of our smelters having historic links going right back to the 14th century. Continuous innovations from these sites, making us the technology leader in lead production. ECOBAT is also proud to have all production facilities LME registered; including brands such as BBU, BSB, Eco-Bat, F, GAST and HJ ENTHOVEN, Revere, RSR, STCM and STOLBERG.

Products and services

Lead is used across a wide range of industries including the lead-acid battery, building, chemicals and nuclear fields.

Next to our core product lead, the ECOBAT group supplies industry with a variety of raw material, finished and semi-finished products:

  • Tailored lead qualities
  • Lead sheets
  • Anodes
  • Special alloys
  • Silver and Gold
  • Polypropylene chips and compounds
  • Chemicals
  • Lead acid and other batteries


Furthermore, we provide premium industrial services such as worldwide consultancy on lead and lead products and metallurgical processes. We run innovative collection and recycling services and actively support our industry with value-added research in major initiatives.

We partner with our customers to develop tailor-made products and specifications that consistently meet or exceed their requirements. We assure that our products consistently match the quality specifications required by our customers, whether this is for lead or any of our other products.

Our locations worldwide



Lead operations

Lead operations





Battery collection

Battery collection