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Le Plomb Français (LPF) is on the cutting edge of technology in terms of rolled lead sheet based products. Although centered on products for the construction industry, the technological and engineering expertise within the company has enabled expansion of its product range into many diverse markets. These include x-ray and nuclear protection applications and precision engineered thin sheet used in sound attenuation and more recently, wireless signal containment. Like BLM, the rolling mills at LPF use the latest technology to obtain the highest quality of finished products.

Le Plomb Français also produces the highest available quality of rolled anodes for zinc and copper electro-winning plants. As part of the global RSR anodes group Le Plomb Français mainly services anode customers in Europe, Asia and the Far East.

In mainland Europe, LPF is one of the market-leading suppliers of EN standard sheet lead used in the construction industry. In the past few years it has also developed a new specialist sheet, SMH, which has been formulated to replicate the performance of centuries old lead found on the roofs of many of Europe’s most historic buildings. SMH rolled lead sheet from LPF has recently been used to refurbish sections of the roof at the Palace of Versailles and is now recognised by most historical restoration bodies as the best long-term solution for such precious buildings.

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  • approx. 48 employees

Production facilities:

  • 2 rolling mills
  • Recycling refinery

Annual capacity (approx.):

  • 22,000 tonnes



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Le Plomb Français

Z.I. Le Bois Chevalier
60190 Estrées-St-Denis, France

Phone +33 344 413131, Fax +33 344 410090