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With over 50 years of lead metallurgy experience and state-of-the-art casting and rolling mill equipment, the ECOBAT Anodes group (RSR) operates four lead anode production facilities in Europe, South Africa and in the US to service the hydrometallurgical customers.

The ECOBAT owned RSR Anode brand is recognized throughout the world for high quality electrorefining and electrowinning of non-ferrous metals.  

Products and specifications:

  • Rolled Lead Anodes
  • Cast Lead Anodes
  • Surface pre-treatment for zinc anodes
  • Unique World beating new Z735 Zinc EW anode
  • Patented alloys which deliver highest Anode performance

Sales Contact:
Andrew Johnston

Phone: +44 (0) 7500 965575
Anodes Technical Manager

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    Le Plomb Français

    Cutting edge of technology in terms of rolled lead sheet based products