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Lead Sheets

Lead Sheet

The ECOBAT Sheet Division produces specialised Rolled Lead Sheet products primarily for the construction and shielding industries at its two plants - BLM British Lead in the UK and Le Plomb Français in France. Rolled Lead Sheet produced for the construction industry is manufactured to the strict tolerances of BS EN 12588 providing a consistent thickness and grain structure, all manufactured from 100% recycled raw material.

Both companies offer a wide range of ancillary products and full technical advice.


  • Rolled Lead sheet and flashings conforming to BS EN 12588 (2006)
  • Lead sheet surface treatments
  • Lead flashing sealants
  • Lead flashing fixing clips
  • Lead fabrications
  • Saturnblei accreditation for Lead Sheet, accessories and tools
  • Lead fabrications and general Lead engineered products
  • Acoustic and wireless insulation materials
  • Maritime construction applications
  • Medical and x-ray protection applications
  • Nuclear industry components
  • RSR Rolled Lead Anodes  


Sales Contact - Lead Sheet

BLM British Lead: Mark Jones

Phone:  +44 (0) 1707324595

Le Plomb Francais: Guido Hellmann

Phone: +49 (0) 172 6534370


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Lead Sheets