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Soft Lead

Sustainable solution for high performance

Highly refined soft lead products from recycled sources are an innovation brought by ECOBAT technologies.

The recycled soft lead products have specifically been developed to enable premium battery and accumulator producers to use highly refined lead from recycle sources for critical applications (e.g. VRLA and OE batteries). Intensive research & development as well as real life comparative testing of SUPERSOFT-ULTRA TM against best primary lead (Doe Run Primary) has shown that the performance of our new recycling products is similar or better. Next to the sustainability aspect of using recycled lead, our clients benefit from the improved cost-quality ratio of our new product line.

Services and process implementation support for soft lead

The seamless implementation process of ECOBAT SUPERSOFT products is supported by our team of technology consultants at global level, providing full service implementation support of SUPERSOFT in their production process, including extensive comparative testing. In addition to our standard product line, our R&D expertise can develop tailor made lead alloys from recycled sources for many industrial applications.


The following table compares the standard LME qualities from recycled sources with the ECOBAT soft lead properties.

Soft Lead specifications