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Seculene PP from Secondary Raw Materials

Seculene from Secondary Raw Materialszoom

Seculene® PP, made solely from secondary raw materials, is an innovative and high quality product. Its properties of density, impact strength, elongation and flow characteristics, are equivalent to those of products manufactured from primary material.

Specially tailored to the unique needs of customers for their applications, ECOBAT has been developing Seculene® compounds for over 10 years, which are competitive substitutes for new-ware. Through our history, expertise and competitive lead times, we have developed a consistent, reliable and high quality product from the efficient use of recycled resources.

One of our business areas is the automotive segment which is a highly demanding industry. They focus on Seculene® PP and choose to involve ECOBAT from product development through to unit production for their new generation vehicles.

The material has proven reliability in varied applications such as wheel housing protector shells, underbody claddings, cable conduits and as water deflectors, guide rails or toolboxes

Seculene® PP is also being successfully used as housings for starter batteries or accumulators for industrial applications. Currently, ECOBAT produces about 20 different PP qualities.

The main properties of SECULENE® are presented hereunder:

  • Types: PP, PP-T, PP/EPDM, HI-PP
  • Filling Grade: MINERAL COMPOUNDS 5 – 40 %
  • MVR 230/2,16: 3 – 20 cm 3/10 min
  • Yield Stress: 30 MPa max
  • Twist yielding: 35% max
  • Notch Toughness: 3 – 60 kJ/m2
  • Time to yield at 150° C: > 200 h – 1000 h

Sales Contact - Seculene® PP

Bernd Nürnberg

Phone +49 (0) 2627 981 163