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Responsible Production -
One Key Asset

As “Leaders in the Lead Industry” it is vital that we set high standards and lead by example. We will continuously challenge both ourselves and the industry to improve Health Safety and Environmental performance. We operate our production facilities in an environmentally “focused” way and continuously look for creative and innovative ways to optimise the use of natural resources and reduce energy consumption.

ECOBAT is committed to the highest international standards, and to this end, all of our operations are certified according to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, with many sites who have, or are now in the process of implementing the International Energy Management Standard ISO 50001.


The health and safety of our employees, visitors, contractors and the public is a core ECOBAT value. We continue to invest significantly in HSE improvements, and consistently achieve some of the best blood lead performance in the industry.

The significant investments have rewarded the ECOBAT group with year on year blood lead reductions at all smelting operations. To ensure that we maintain these exceptionally high standards in HSE performance, all of our operations and systems are independently audited and verified.

ECOBAT recognises that ‘Good HSE performance is good for business’.

ECOBAT Recycling Cyclezoom

80% of the lead production derives from recycled sources

More than 80 % of our lead production is pure lead, which involves the manufacture of refined lead from scrap lead sources.

Our best case recycling rate for lead acid batteries is above 95%.