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We close the loop!

As the world’s largest producer and recycler of lead, ECOBAT Technologies Ltd. is currently the only global company offering a closed recycling loop for lead acid batteries.

That loop begins and ends with specialist ECOBAT group member companies which collect, transport and store waste lead acid batteries and battery powered appliances ready for recycling. The core material from these products is used by our smelters to manufacture the highest quality lead and lead alloys.   

Our other operational facilities use other products derived from our lead recycling operations to produce a range of industrial products. In some parts of the world we have retail outlets for new batteries, which also take back waste items for recycling.

More than 80% of our lead production is pure lead, which involved the manufacture of refined lead from scrap lead sources. In recycling lead acid batteries the ECOBAT operations reach a best case recycling rate of more than 95%.

We aim to continuously increase this rate by major investments in

  • effluent treatment plant works, e. g. osmosis plant, upgrade works and extensions
  • plant enclosures and building improvements
  • acoustic lagging and noise controls
  • energy monitoring and controls
  • plant and equipment Investments
  • new plant installations, e. g. German silver plant
  • ...

ECOBAT Recycling Cyclezoom

80% of the lead production derives from recycled sources

More than 80 % of our lead production is pure lead, which involves the manufacture of refined lead from scrap lead sources.

Our best case recycling rate for lead acid batteries is above 95%.