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PP Extrusion

Environmentally friendly PP Compounding

As the foremost producer of high-grade PP compounds from secondary materials, the ECOBAT Technologies group is a leading partner for the automotive industry and its subcontractors.

The company operates several plastic extrusion plants for polypropylene (PP) throughout Europe. In the UK, ECOBAT produces high-grade PP for non-automotive applications. The PP compounds produced in Germany under the trade name Seculene® set standards in the world of polypropylenes. They are on a par with those produced from primary raw materials and are renowned for cost efficiency and flexibility of application. The main application is in the automotive industry.  

In close cooperation with industrial partners and based on research extending over a number of years, many different types of Seculene® PP have been developed, a product which has been and is still being continuously optimised.

Using an all-encompassing concept for a self-contained PP-material cycle – recycling, compounding, distribution and service – ECOBAT qualifies as a company offering future oriented solutions.