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QSL Technology

ECOBAT operates the largest lead smelter in Germany. The primary lead smelter BBH Stolberg relies on the environmentally friendly and energy-saving technology of the QSL process, which was introduced in 1990.

Here, lead is won by charging lead concentrates and secondary raw materials to a single, self-contained aggregate, the so-called QSL reactor. This process is acknowledged worldwide as being one of the most modern, the most environmental friendly and the most efficient of its kind.

The QSL technology makes it possible to win lead from lead ores and secondary raw materials in a single encapsulated aggregate which, in comparison to conventional technologies, has a noticeably lower specific energy consumption. The energy requirements sank from 15.2 right down to 4.5 GJ per ton of lead produced, by exploiting the energy of the sulphides contained in the ores as the main source of energy.

The wide range of materials which can be charged, underscores the efficiency of this process. The annual production of 155,000 tonnes of lead its alloys as well as 130,000 tonnes of sulphuric acid also set distinctive international standards.

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QSL Technology