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Leader in Lead Technology

All aspects of the ECOBAT operations are related to and dependent on technologies.

The entire process of recycling and producing lead and lead products involves highest requirements in terms of technologies. Following our vision of a closed recycling cycle and the realisation of the recycling economy, ECOBAT is dedicated using state-of –the-art technologies in all fields of operation. Therefore, continuous optimisation of our processes and never ending innovation is deeply embedded in our corporation's attitude. 

ECOBAT is actively involved in and contributes to major research initiatives such as the Advanced Lead Battery Consortium (ALABC) which is supporting the continuous improvement in lead based technologies.

The development of highly purified lead from secondary sources at ECOBAT is a technologically challenging process but ultimately helping to bring the recycling economy agenda forward, continuously reducing the need for lead from primary sources.

Our technology leadership provides us with a unique position in the market, not only allowing customers to source superior lead products from across the globe that are based on the latest research and findings, but to tap into our technical services as “one-on-one” consultants for our clients businesses.